Gear-Up Program

Urban Threads Studio is excited to unveil a tailored program for those seeking custom-designed hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts for a variety of occasions, such as family reunions, special celebrations, motorcycle clubs, youth groups, charity events, and fundraisers. Made available exclusively through our website,, your personalized items can be purchased once they're crafted. This initiative is designed to remove the typical challenges associated with event merchandise, such as inventory management, payment processing, surplus stock issues, and collecting payments, by centralizing all operations online for maximum convenience.

Beyond customization, we offer expert graphic art support to help realize your vision for design. Alternatively, you're invited to provide your own graphics and logos for a truly bespoke piece. To kick off your project, simply reach out via the 'Contact' form on our website, and we'll connect with you promptly to explore how we can meet your needs.

Here's a quick overview of our customization service pricing:

  • Graphic Design Fees: For clients utilizing our in-house design expertise.
  • Client-Supplied Artwork: For those who wish to use their own designs.
  • Setup Fee (Per Garment): A $75.00 fee per garment ensures meticulous preparation and quality.

Payment Options:

  • Option 1 (Non-Profit): This is ideal for event organizers aiming to provide custom apparel to attendees without the intention of profit-making. Pricing is set to be affordable, incorporating a nominal $5.00 markup to offset operational expenses, facilitating a smooth online order process for your event participants.

  • Option 2 (Profit Sharing): Specifically designed for groups, clubs, event organizers, charity events, and fundraisers looking to generate income from their custom designs. We employ a commission-based model where a predetermined percentage of the sales is allocated to the client, creating a transparent and equitable profit-sharing mechanism. Payments are disbursed monthly, providing a consistent revenue stream based on the popularity of your designs.

 Our goal is to deliver a hassle-free service for creating custom garments, tailored to the unique requirements of groups and event organizers, eliminating the worry of leftover inventory and simplifying the ordering process with our efficient online system.